Question Time


Wise, witty, generous, diplomatic. Cat loving. People loving. Catherine Hawkins of Donna Summer Tribute Site fame seems to be the girl - and friend - for all seasons. Just don't let her prepare the dinner for you...



1 Before we start, have you anything to declare?

Hmmmm - I declare that we hold these truths to be self-evident that everyone is entitled to a little... wait make that A LOT of Donna Summer in their life, and so no employer should object when someone takes off for a concert, book signing, or even a TV repeat of THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY... (Although if my boss asks why I'm not at work, I plan to say I have the black plague.)

2 How are you?  

I'm good - how are you?

3 Coffe, tea or...?

I think I'm supposed to say "me" here, but I'll go another way and just say orange juice.

4 What's on your CD player right now?

A little dust, the other stereo components... Now a couple hours ago when I was actually using that instead of the computer, I was playing Bette Midler's new album and Bruce Sudano's album. Down here on the computer I've been playing THE JOURNEY... well, mostly just one song from The Journey. LOL  And I've been playing THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION.  

5 What is your fondest memory of Donna?

I think the first time I met her is probably it. I was just some random nut... I mean fan... backstage and one of the first things she did was to hug me. I walked around with a stupid grin on my face for weeks after that.

6 Vinyl records or CDs?

Oooo - tough choice. CDs are great for convenience, sound quality and because they don't take up as much shelf space - but vinyl is magic! There is something about the big record sleeve, and the smell of a new record when you open it... it always takes me back.

7 Which is the Donna Summer album you play more often?

It depends on my mood, but I play CHRISTMAS SPIRIT a lot in the house and LIVE & MORE ENCORE a lot in my car. But I tend to go on kicks where I play one album constantly for awhile, and then I switch to something else for awhile.

8 What is the most appalling thing you've ever listened to?

Appalling is such a strong word - I'd probably have to reserve that description for certain political rants or talk radio shows!  LOL As far as music goes though, while there are certainly artists and songs that I strongly dislike, I don't think I'd go so far as to call any of them "appalling."

9 Is there a Donna song you just can't stand?

Just the ones she did with the Supremes... I'm just teasing. I like those, but I really hate RING MY BELL...

10 What does THE POWER OF ONE mean?

The power of one what? If you want me to go to the gutter with this one, I'm going to take you with me! LOL

11 When did you last shout ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Last night at work when I got sick and tired of trying to do the work of two people. I probably shouldn't have shouted it IN the customer's ear though...

12 You switch the radio on and the disc jockey announces Donna Summer's new single. What do you do?

I hope to god that they really mean Donna and not Gloria Gaynor!  LOL  After that it depends - if it's a song I have, then I just sing along with a big smile on my face. And if it's one I've never heard before - I stop EVERYTHING and just listen intently.

13 It's better to drive or to be driven?

I can go either way - I guess that makes me versatile.

14 What do you think of ORDINARY GIRL (the book)?

I really enjoyed it - although it could have been a little longer. Another 4 or 5 (thousand) pages would have made it perfect for me.  

15 Do you have a favourite movie?

I'm not really much of a movie person, but the ones I can watch just about any time and get into them are: WEST SIDE STORY, STEEL MAGNOLIAS, MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL, STAR WARS, just about any of the STAR TREK movies and FANTASIA. I just read that back - apparently my taste in movies is almost as electic as my taste in music! No wonder people think I'm crazy!

16 What is your drug of choice?

Music and chocolate - both have healing properties. (Which of course negates all the calories in the chocolate! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  LOL)

17 Do you ever dance to Donna's music?

I don't know if you could call anything I do dancing...


I'm a girl for all seasons - so add AUTUMN CHANGES and SPRING AFFAIR to that list. I'd be bored if I had to stick to only one season.

19 What's on your bedside table?

My alarm clock, the phone, the headphones to my stereo and an eyeglass case. Also probably about 50 pounds of cat hair - they shed all over EVERYTHING!

20 Donna (and Gershwin) not being available, who you wanna have dinner with?

What do you mean they are not available? They promised me they were coming to dinner tonight! I've been slaving away all day in the kitchen making my specialties just for them - burnt toast and boiled water!  You'd think they could have called. I know - you're going to say that Gershwin is dead, but that's no excuse! He should have called. What am I going to do with all this toast now?

21 Is love really the healer?

Yes it really is.  Someone or something that you love (or that loves you) can make you feel better when things go wrong.

22 What is it that makes life worth living?

Weren't you paying attention before? Music and chocolate! Now pass the Godiva! Also add to that good friends, family (when they don't get on my nerves), and my cat Piggy who has recently discovered that she likes to purr in my ear. (It would be nicer if she didn't think it was just as nice to stick her butt in my face when I'm trying to type! LOL)

23 If not for Donna...

If not for Donna, I would not have met a lot of really great people who have become really great friends.