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Not very fond of the winter. Fan of Donna Summer. Keen on - God bless him - DONNA SUMMER TIME. Not surprising at all, to be honest... What would you expect from a smart guy named Steven AUGUST???



1 Before we start, have you anything to declare?

I declare this Italian DONNA SUMMER TIME site to be the ultimate tribute to the legendary Miss Donna Summer! Oh, wait Is this one of those trick questions where I'm supposed to tell everyone how far I go on the first date? ha ha ha

2 How are you?

Fantastic! This past year I celebrated my tenth anniversary as an independent writer and creative strategist working on film, multimedia, print, video and web projects. I'm really looking forward to 2004. I've got some great projects lined up and planning a few fun vacations. Wish I could add a Donna Summer concert to my list. Is she touring this year?

3 Coffee, tea or...?

I enjoy making coffee every morning. Then, while looking out the window at Chicago's ever-changing weather conditions, I sit on the couch, sip French Roast or Italian Espresso, organize and plan the day. And since I'm Italian, part Calabrese and part Sicilian, I treasure a great glass of wine! No, not in the morning!!! ha ha

4 What's on your CD player right now?

At home, five Bette Midler albums on the carousel. Her Rosemary Clooney tribute album has sparked my collection resurgence. In the car I've been playing THE JOURNEY (both the greatest hits disc and the great remix disc) as well as the Holland 3-CD set (THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION) that you wrote about on the What's New page. Can you believe I've never heard LADY OF THE NIGHT?

5 What is your fondest memory of Donna?

Her 20th anniversary performance of opening the Holiday Star Theater in near-by Merrillville, Indiana on August 18th, 1999. I was there in 1979. Few performers can say their voices are better "live" but Donna Summer can. I've probably seen her about 8 times over the years to standing-room-only crowds. Her closing LAST DANCE always sends the audience through the roof.

6 Vinyl records or CDs?

Have been listening to CDs since the 80s but I've got my entire vinyl collection in storage. Almost all genres of music Maybe, 14 boxes worth.

7 Which is the Donna Summer album you play more often?

1987's THE DANCE COLLECTION compilation of 12-inch singles or the expansive, 2-disc set from 1993's THE DONNA SUMMER ANTHOLOGY.

8 What is the most appalling thing you've ever listened to?

Some of those American Idol "vocalists" showcased in the auditions are beyond appalling. Since I believe in the creative process and the joy it brings on all levels, I don't like to criticize. When it comes to different musical tastes I say, "To each his own." However, some of that screeching... By the way, is there a version of American Idol in Italy?

9 Is there a Donna song you just can't stand?

Sebastiano! So harsh! ha ha No, I enjoy all her material, but THE WANDERER isn't really a Donna Summer song.

10 What does MAC ARTHUR PARK mean to you?

Music magazines began announcing Donna Summer had re-fashioned the old MAC ARTHUR PARK psychedelic/hippie song by Richard Harris. I couldn't imagine it. However, her reworking became a monster hit at the discos. They played the full 17-minute MAC ARTHUR PARK suite extravaganza including ONE OF A KIND and HEAVEN KNOWS to packed dance floors. Ask anyone who was there. She ruled the dance floors like no other vocalist.

11 When did you last shout ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

About three years ago. But THAT's for another interview. ha ha

12 You switch the radio on and the disc jockey announces Donna Summer's new single. What do you do?

I crank the volume up and go buy it in both domestic and import versions!

13 It's better to read or to write?

They both go hand in hand When I was starting first grade, my Grandma (with soft, warm Sicilian accent) said, "Stivi, reading and writing are the golden keys to success. Learn to read and write and you can do anything!"

14 What do you think of ORDINARY GIRL (the book)?

Terrific!!! Although Donna Summer is much more like an "extraordinary" girl I think the book, like her vast catalog of different musical styles and genres, showcases her intelligence, sensitivity, creativity and emotional honesty.

15 Do you have a favorite movie?

I love movies and television as well as music. I'm really a "pop culture junkie," but we'll leave that for "Book Two." ha ha I know, I know I'm just going on and on.

16 What is your drug of choice?

Let's just say that I've been around a few blocks but I've come to my senses. Matured Like a fine Italian wine. The need for a "drug" really means to need a crutch and I've tried to grow up and away from dependencies. We'll leave this question for a "Book Three" interview!!! ha ha ha

17 Do you ever dance to Donna's music?

Yes! Always! One of my fondest memories of Donna Summer's music was back in college, at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, when my friend Lourdes invited me to attend an OLAS event. The Organization for Latin American Students' was throwing a Saturday night party and the hosts were playing an all-disco station (WDAI) broadcasting from Chicago. The DJ said, "And now, the brand-new single from sexy Donna Summer!" Someone reached over, jacked up the volume (starting with the now-familiar opening notes of HOT STUFF) and the party was up for grabs. Everyone began screaming, yelling and dancing away. Unbelievably exciting!


Since I'm chatting with you from Chicago? My WINTER MELODY is about 10 degrees above zero with the wind chill factor and we've had about 8 inches of snow this past week In fact, it's been snowing here for most of the day. To be honest? I'd much rather think about a SPRING AFFAIR. ha ha

19 What's on your bedside table?

All the essentials. Alarm clock, radio, phone and several books and magazines for nighttime reading. Oh, is this where I'm supposed to say something provocative? ha ha Of course being the good Italian boy that I am... Isn't this DONNA SUMMER TIME website rated for family viewing? Sebastiano!!! ha ha

20 Donna (and Gershwin) not being available, who you wanna have dinner with?

Since I don't really know how to cook, I've always enjoyed going out for dinner to restaurants or someone's home. Big dinner parties, family gatherings, a group of friends or a quiet romantic spot. Dinner is best as a guest.

21 Is love really the healer?

I believe that love is all there is. Throughout our life journey, it isn't always easy to see how self-respect and self-love must be our top priorities. When we begin each day by remembering to love and respect ourselves, the world opens up to us in the most magnificent ways. Sometimes we need to close our eyes and breathe.

22 What is it that makes life worth living?

Sharing your love with friends and family. Holding on to and pursuing your dreams. "Without dreams, Life is but a broken-winged bird that cannot fly."

23 If not for Donna...

Then millions of fans throughout the world would be deprived of listening to her beautiful, joyous, uplifting and life-affirming music. Miss Donna Summer is one of the greatest vocalists of all time. Oh, speaking of Sebastiano, is that why you named this site, DONNA SUMMER TIME?





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