Question Time


Mark Tara's philosophy is a simple one: love yourself and believe in yourself. Everything else - including having a Donna Summer song on your own first CD - will follow... By the way, that CD is called DIFFERENT LOVE.



1 Before we start, have you anything to declare?

Yes... I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful, I'M BEAUTIFUL DAMMIT!

2 How are you?

Seriously, I'm doing very well, thanks for asking.

3 Coffee, tea or...?

To quote Eartha Kitt, "A big, Big, BIG Yacht"!

4 What's on your CD player right now?

Not to seem too narcissistic, but I'm listening to ME! I'm going into the studio in the next few months and I'm in the process of sifting through a bunch of home demos that may make it onto my first full-length album called CRUCIFY.

5 What is your fondest memory of Donna?

Donna played up here in Toronto in I believe it was '83 or '84 for the SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY tour. After the concert she made an announcement that if anyone wanted to know about what changed her life to stick around. So I stuck around and eventually she came out. There were a handful of people and she proceeded to sit on a stool and talk to us about being a Born Again Christian. It was SO COOL to have such an intimate experience with my favorite DIVA.

6 Vinyl records or CDs?

I love them both. I like the SIZE of the Vinyl packaging and the sound quality of CD's.

7 Which is the Donna Summer album you play more often?


8 What is the most appalling thing you've ever listened to?

William Hung, ya know that kid from American Idol.

9 Is there a Donna song you just can't stand?

FRED ASTAIRE, what were they thinking, poor Fred.


It means those damn butterflies are out of my head and on CD where they belong!

11 When did you last shout ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Over the weekend. I yelled out "ENOUGH! I CAN'T GO ON I CAN'T GO ON NO LONGER"!

12 You switch the radio on and the disc jockey announces Donna Summer's new single. What do you do?

I scream like a BITCH-IN-HEAT!

13 Is talent a gift or a goal?

Or a curse! I know some incredibly talented people who are having a hell of a time trying to make it and it can be discouraging. You know you're talented and come up against roadblocks and then you see someone like William Hung who gets a recording contract! What's up with that! Talent can be a real double-edged sword.

14 What do you think of ORDINARY GIRL (the book)?

I haven't read it... YET.

15 Do you have a favorite movie?

FLASHDANCE... I cried when I first saw it. I guess because I could relate. Ya know I'm just a welder trapped in a singer's body - HA HA!

16 What is your drug of choice?

Junk food, booze and my Mary Jane CD's!

17 Do you ever dance to Donna's music?

I love shaking my groove thang to YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL.


Summer Fever Baby!

19 What's on your bedside table?

I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it may incriminate me. HA HA!

20 Donna (and Gershwin) not being available, who you wanna have dinner with?

Oprah or Madonna!

21 Is love really the healer?

I believe WE are our own healers. Sometimes we may need a catalyst and LOVE can be that catalyst.

22 What is it that makes life worth living?

Reaching for my goals and watching then materialize in whatever form they may take. That keeps me going. I believe that I was put here to spread a certain message and that is "WE ARE ALL PERFECT... WITHIN OUR OWN IMPERFECTIONS."

23 If not for Donna...

I wouldn't be suffering from SUMMER FEVER AND I NEED A NEW STUDIO ALBUM FOR MY FIX! That's my story and I'm stickin to it!





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