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I’m so sad. This woman was the queen of disco and so much more. Her records sound as good today as they ever did. That she has never been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a total disgrace especially when I see the second rate talent that has been inducted. She is a great friend to me and to the Elton John AIDS Foundation and I will miss her greatly. (Elton John)

It's another sad day. Losing Donna is a shock. She was forever young, vibrant, funny, incredibly talented and a really good friend. Singing COULD IT BE MAGIC last night in Birmingham was difficult knowing that she was gone. Rest in Peace my friend. (Barry Manilow)

Few singers have impacted music & the world like Donna Summer! It’s the end of an era. Peace & prayers 2 all who loved her. I will miss her! (Gloria Estefan)

Michelle and I were saddened to hear about the passing of Donna Summer. A five-time Grammy Award winner, Donna truly was the Queen of Disco. Her voice was unforgettable, and the music industry has lost a legend far too soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Donna's family and her dedicated fans. (Barack Obama)

I was shocked to hear about Donna. She was so vital the last time I saw her a few months ago. I loved doing the duet with her. She had an amazing voice and was so talented… It’s so sad. (Barbra Streisand)

Today is a very sad day, I had the best times in my life working with Donna. She was a great friend and will forever have a place in my heart. You will truly be missed. (Giorgio Moroder)

I will miss her very much. My love goes out to her family. I’m here for them. Donna and I had a friendship for over 30 years. She is one of the few black women I could speak Germany with and she is one of the few friends I had in this business. (Chaka Khan)

Very. Very sad. Donna Summer has died. Words can't express the impact and influence she had on music. (Moby)

I can’t believe we’ve lost another wonderful singer. Donna, like Whitney, had one of the greatest voices ever. I loved her records. She was the disco queen, and will remain so. I knew her and found her to be one of the most likable and fun people ever. She will be missed and remembered. (Dolly Parton)

Donna’s voice has been a constant in my life for so long that this heartbreaking exit is almost impossible to digest! This my "last chance" to say, we will really miss you Donna. But your music will live on! (Arsenio Hall)

Donna Summer, one of the greatest voices in pop music stilled at 63. Good night and flights of angels sing you to your rest. Hurry home. (Bette Midler)

We will miss Donna Summer! She changed the world of music with her beautiful voice and incredible talent. (Janet Jackson)

Rest in Peace dear Donna Summer. Your voice was the heartbeat and soundtrack of a decade. (Quincy Jones)

So sad to hear about Donna Summer. I adored her voice. May she rest in peace. (Joan Collins)

RIP Donna Summer!!! You were truly a game changer!!! (Mary J. Blige)

Donna Summer. Icon! Legend! Her voice! Her spirit! Rest In peace, you truly inspired me! I love you! (Kelly Rowland)

Donna Summer made music that moved me both emotionally and physically to get up and dance. You could always hear the deep passion in her voice. She was so much more than the queen of disco she became known for, she was an honest and gifted singer with flawless vocal talent. I've always been a huge fan and was honored to sample one of her songs. She touched many generations and will be so sadly missed. My love goes out to her family during this difficult time. (Beyoncé)

It's unfortunate that we have to say goodbye to another amazing talent. Donna Summer, Queen of Disco, our condolences to her family! (Boyz II Men)

One of my earliest musical inspirations, RIP Donna Summer. (Kylie Minogue)

SO bummed about Donna Summer. Sweet and extremely talented lady. My heart goes out to Bruce and her kids. Real loss. (Richard Marx)

She was a delightful woman, so beautiful and kind. And an extraordinary artist. I loved her songs, I listened to them all the time. I used to sing them too. (Sophia Loren)

To my friend Donna Summer, you will be missed but not 4gotten. The first Diva, we love you. Prayers to the family & friends. (Sheila E)

It’s just very sad… She was so young and vibrant. Donna and I knew each other for a long time, we ran in the same circles and are part of the same generation, and it was something we shared… creating and performing music. Her voice was smooth and comforting, and something I had always wanted to do was a world tour with her, you know, as the Queen and King of Disco. We are the freshman class in creating music that continues to this dayto make people happy, and it has been embraced by every major artist in the industry. It makes you want to get up and dance and forget your troubles for awhile. We just saw each other several months ago – she was beautiful as ever and her voice as strong as when I met her and we had some great laughs and a stroll down memory lane. I send my condolences to her husband, Bruce and their family. (KC of KC and the Sunshine Band)

I, along with many others, grew up listening to her music and admiring her vocal quality, along with great songwriting skills which were never properly recognised. (Tina Arena)

Donna was unique. She did things Donna's way. One of the first things she said to me was, when you work with me, you work on Donna time… She wasn't a diva, she was inspirational. Her talent came from God, she knew she couldn't just turn it on. We were at the top of our game when we worked with her. She was just fantastic. (Pete Waterman)

Rest in peace Donna. You are a pioneer and you have paved the way for so many of us. You transcended race and genre. Respect. (Lenny Kravitz)

When you lose a friend you feel like they are gone forever... That is not true with my dear friend Donna. She was a queen, THE Queen of disco, and we will be dancing to her music forever. My thoughts and prayers are with her family always. (Liza Minnelli)

Donna Summer's music is a part of the soundtrack of my life along with millions of other's around the world. As a fellow veteran artist in this business and continued fan of her work I know that she continued to create quality music up through her last full length CRAYONS and single TO PARIS WITH LOVE a couple of years ago. (Jody Watley)

It's not often I get choked up about a celebrity passing, but Donna Summer really affected me - and still is. Her gospel background lifted everyone up. Whether she was singing a happy song or a sad song, she always made you feel very, very spiritual and that's what I loved about her. (Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters)

I am so sad about Donna Summer. I listened to her work and sang along with her forever. She was a great singer and songwriter... (Cyndi Lauper)

I am so sad to hear about Donna Summer's passing today. She was such an amazing vocalist, and her records/songs bring back so many wonderful memories from my past. It's a major loss. Rest in Peace girlfriend. You will be missed!! (Colton Ford)

Donna Summer’s work with Giorgio Moroder changed the face of music and changed my life. (Marc Almond)

My thoughts and prayers go out to Donna Summer’s family. I will miss her but she will live on thru all her wonderful music! (Reba McEntire)

I'm sad to hear about Donna Summer. What a voice and so many classic songs. The sound of disco. (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

So sad 2 hear of the passing of Donna Summer. She was a great singer and a great person. Condolences to Bruce and her family. (Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil)

Five-time Grammy winner Donna Summer had a dynamic voice and unique musical style that helped define the dance music genre in the 70s. She also was an artist who crossed many musical genres, as evidenced by her Grammy wins in the R&B, rock, inspirational and dance categories. Her talent was a true gift to the music industry, and our thoughts and sympathies are with her family, friends and fans throughout the world during this difficulttime. (Neil Portnow, president of The Recording Academy)

Her version of  STATE OF INDEPENDENCE is in my sort of top five. So if I have one thing to say about Donna Summer, if anyone hasn't heard STATE OF INDEPENDENCE, I'm not sure there is anyone, but if there's anyone out there who hasn't, put that on. That's all you need to know about music, that's all you need to know about her, that's all you need to know about a lot of things. (Bono of U2)

I had the privilege of listening to her playing just piano behind her. She had a gorgeous, magnificent voice, really. Slightly underrated. People didn't realize what she was capable of. I never thought that her number would be up. Man, it closes the book, I think, on disco. I'll never forget Donna Summer. (Paul Shaffer)

Donna Summer fulfilled her dream to be a singer, a wife and a mother and shared her amazing talent with all of us, through her voice and music and the songs she wrote which clearly stood the test of time. She impacted us all and although she is credited for being the Queen of Disco, she was so much more than that! Donna was a woman of faith, integrity and valor, yet humble of heart. She had an undying love and devotion to the Lord, herhusband, children, grandchildren, family, friends and loyal fans. For me, I will be forever blessed by my friendship with Donna, our working relationship and sisterhood. This is a great loss we all share, yet in the midst of it I want to be sure we celebrate her and her journey. She was more than she called herself, more than an "Ordinary Girl"! (Susan Munao)

R.I.P. Donna! We never met, but I was proud to play on some of your records!! (Mats Bjorklund)

When her music plays, we can't help dancing. It was a honor to have worked with her. I will miss her. (Harry Langdon)

It's so sad what happened; music has changed nowadays (for worse) but keeping playing Donna's records makes mefeel good and comfortable. The day that she passed away has made a stronger mark about the distance of the today's and yesterday's music world. Back then, it was all about happiness, culture, freedom and funk. Now we're really far from that musical perfection few artists like Donna reached. (Daniele Manca)

On May 17 a part of me flew in the sky, thank you for accompanying me on a long journey made of beautiful songs which lasted for almost 40 years. Ciao Donna... (Luciano Bertoni)

Donna Summer was a big part of my life and my career. I'm broken hearted. I send all my love to Bruce Sudano and all of her family. (Greg Mathieson)

What a tremendous loss... (Roberta Flack)

My Beloved Donna, mourning and trying to overcome sadness here in Brazil. I pray to Our GOD to Comfort your family and Bless and Embrace you! Heaven rejoices welcoming your beautiful, unforgettable and incomparable voice to join the angels. It doesn’t seem to be true that you’re gone. It’s hard to believe that, prematurely, we have become orfans of such talent, beauty, humility and joy. Your faith and light remain with me, who had the privilege and the honor to be uplifted, inspired and touched by your beautiful songs during 36 of my 46 years of age. Thank you for being such a strong and important part of my life and for bringing emotion and honesty to our days. Congratulations for the wonderful journey and family you accomplished during your 63 years. I will always have you in my heart and in the best of my thoughts! Please take my fraternal hugs and kisses. Goodness and Peace be with you! (Marco Faustini)

You left us sadder and older. Your hot vibrant voice has fascinated me for over 35 years, and it has left me - us - too soon. Goodbye Angel! (Maria Chiara Vistoli)

Since I was a teen, I've been listening to Donna and my love continues till now... I´m 52... I appreciate her wonderful voice that was with me in the bad and good moments. All times she was in Brazil I went to her shows and were brillant. I´m so sad... part of my life has gone... She was so young and so talented... I prayed for her and recognize everything good that her music did in my life. She always will be with me and her work lives forever! (Sebastião Luz de Brito)

I did not know Donna was unwell and, crazy as it now seems, I had not given up on the dream that perhaps one day she would call and say, "Hey Mike, shall we do it again?" It can't happen now. It's just another sadness to add to my long list of regrets. But I can see her now, in the studio singing THIS TIME I KNOW IT'S FOR REAL. Even though it was 23 years ago the memory is crystal clear. The sound of joy and innocence. It seemed back then that everything was possible. But the world has changed in so many profound ways. Play the album. 1989, truly Another Place and Time. (Mike Stock)

Her music has given pleasure to millions of people around the world over four decades. LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY, I FEEL LOVE and THIS TIME I KNOW IT'S FOR REAL, to mention just a few, are a part of the story of many peoples lives. Donna Summer, a creative star who thrilled music lovers the world over, will live on in her music and in our hearts. She will be sorely missed by so many people. (Nik A Ramli)

You went away in silence leaving a void in my heart. You're up there singing with the great stars of music who've left us, yet we can still hear your voice, it will never die... Like a precious gift for us. I love you Donna, you will always be my angel. (Angelo Lupi)

Once upon a time there was a girl, an ordinary girl... With her voice, music and spirit filled my life with beautiful moments. Thank you DONNA. You'll be always in my heart. (Massimo Cristante & family)

So sad to hear about the untimely passing of the great Donna Summer. Such an amazing talent and generous human being. RIP my dear. (Dave Koz)

Most people didn't know that Donna Summer wrote most of her songs - lyrics & music, sometimes with others, sometimes by herself - and the concepts!! What inventive ideas she had!! Donna was one of the greatest singers of all time, in all styles, and her impact on the music industry is legendary!! When I had the privilege to be with her, helping to shape the sound she was famous for, writing with her close friend Paul Jabara, and working with her husband Bruce Sudano of The Brooklyn Dreams, seeing her with him in the studio - those are the memories I'll never forget!! Rest In Peace, Dear Donna. (Bob Esty)

I was 15 years old when I first heard your beautiful voice, it sent shivers down my spine, now I am 48 and it still has the same effect. I foolishly and selfishly thought about taking my own life twice throughout my life, after suffering some personal heartbreak, and both times I tried, you saved me, your voice stopped me, your beautiful face stopped me, and I will always be eternally thankful to you for sharing your amazing Godgiven talent with us. I wish I had your faith but I do not, and I am angry that you were taken from us in such a cruel way, my heart is breaking for the loss of someone so talented and beautiful and I will forever be devoted to you. Thank you for being in my life and for making me the man I am today. I love you so very much Donna Summer, sleep with angels. Your friend unknown, always and forever... (Steven Harland)

I learned so much from Donna throughout our long friendship and we loved each other deeply. God blessed me by having such a unique human being in my life. I am devastated, but know she is at peace. My heart goes out to her devoted husband Bruce, her beautiful girls, her wonderful family and her billions of fans. Today the world lost an angel and she’s now with her loving God. (Bruce Roberts)

During my 10 years at Billboard magazine (1998-2007), I spoke with Summer and Moroder on several occasions. They were each other's muse; he was the spark, she the flame. The two are inextricably linked. Her voice - effortless, pure, emotional, with an incredible clarity - deft songwriting and keen melodic sensibility added life to his music. With Summer at the microphone, Moroder's music soared. Theirs was a special partnership. (Michael Paoletta)

Donna was the most spectacular, considerate, constant, giving, generous and loving friend. (David Foster)

The Donna I wished the world knew, the Donna that tithed, ten percent of her earnings. In all that she earned, she remembered God first. Check with Apostle Fred Price in Los Angeles, Bethel Church in Nashville and so many charities, orphanages, homes for unwed mothers and the thousands of cots and beds for the homeless. Let’s talk about the hundreds of sandwiches she and her staff would also make for the homeless. The charities that I know she supported, the rents she paid, and the list goes on, and on. But Donna would always say, "…my record is on High". (Mary Ellen Strong-Gaines)

The sweetness of your voice, the tenderness in your eyes and the magic of your smile... I will always keep them in my heart. Deeply. (Paolo Gasparini)

Donna's music has been with me every year since 1979, I would catch her shows every time she came to Michigan with my mom or a friend over the years. One year I was fortunate to get front row and Donna that night saw my DONNA shirt made of crystals and during one of the songs put her mike down to to me to sing with her. Her voice and soul is incomparable and always will be, she is more than just a dance hit artist, she is a master ballad songstress as well. On thursday morning, before the news broke of Donnas death, I was out buying flowers for the yard and later after having my moment went back out to plant the flowers and on the flower pot it read "ENDLESS SUMMER". (Darrick Gugere)

I grew up with your songs, the power of your voice will continue to make my heart smile. I'll be missing you. (Francesco Balasso)

Donna was kind-hearted, generous, and a very giving person. She was very special. We spent a lot of time writing music together, especially when we were on the road. (Virgil Weber)

To say that the world has lost one of its greatest talents and innovators is an understatement. Donna Summer was so much more than that. We will miss her and are grateful for the amazing legacy of music she has left us. (Big Break Records)

I didn't believe my eyes when I read the bad news about Donna and I still don't! I've been listening to Donna's music since I was 13. Now I am 49 and she is undoubtedly the soundtrack of my life. Her music helped me through sad times and make my happy moments happier!! She is an Icon. I have only one regret: I didn't have the chance to watch her perform live. Like her last song with O'Mega Red, now she's an "Angel" and she's beaming from heaven and singing in the greatest choir ever. I will miss her deeply. (Maurizio Grossi)

As a bit of time has passed since Donna's death... and it's been comforting to hear/read accolades of our dear Donna. I remember the first time hearing LOVE TO LOVE YOU, and thinking wow... what a sound, and I was an immediate fan. During Donna's first Live & More tour in 1978, I knew we were in for a treat, but wasn't prepared to hear such a powerful, heartfelt voice. Her singing, and stage presence was beyond any expectations. I was ecstatic to hear Donna was working on a new album, and a tour was going to happen. This meant we would be given yet another opportunity to hear Donna's voice with new music, blending in with her already extraordinary list of hits. We were so blessed to be part of her encore tour - August, 2010. As many has stated, Donna's music touched our heart, and Donna as a person was, is, an inspiration. (Jose M. Tanzo)

Since 1976, not a day goes by when I don't listen to one of your songs... With you I've learned how to love music and great singing... You kept me company in my difficult teenage years. How many things I'd have to say... I only say, thank you, thank you, thank you. Today I'm crying for you, I'm so sorry. Ciao Donna, Queen of music... (Filippo Sestini)

To me this wonderful woman is the best singer of all times and will never be replaced. She will be eternally in my heart, memory, ears and mind. (Eduardo Jorge Oliveira Saldanha)

I didn't get to meet her in person, but I did have the privilege of singing one of her songs on American Idol and it was one of my favorite songs to perform on the show. The music world has lost a legend and she will be greatly missed. (Kris Allen)

It was 1976 when for the first time I listened to your magical voice and I was deeply impressed. Since then you've been the soundtrack of my life, and you will be forever because your voice lives and will live in my heart. Ciao Donna, I love you. (Stefano Azzarello)

Calling you now. Oh how we need you! You'll be missed, miss Summer. (Carmelo Arcidiacono)

You and your beautiful songs made me dance and fall in love, then I found a man who's your biggest fan, we got married and we still listen to your music. We went to see you in Paris and it was great, you were wonderful, you're in my heart and will always be, I will never, ever forget you. (Flavia Cavalloni)

Thank you Donna Summer for teaching us all to dream and helping us dance through our lives. You are forever in our hearts and in all of the music we write and that your work continues to inspire. I am so thankful for the gifts you shared with the world. You are loved, a legend and I will carry you in my heart always. (Kristine W)

Behind the beat and beneath the flashing lights, Donna Summer was in the wings, bestowing passages of hope and guidance along the world's heavily traveled highways. Now, as she soars through the celestial byways, we should continue to CARRY ON, heeding her eternal message that LOVE IS THE HEALER. (Justin Kantor)

My dear Donna, I wanna thank you for being the soundtrack of my whole life... I've grown up with your songs and they're always in my heart... I'm sure one day we'll be in heaven all together, singing and dancing your beautiful music... All my love forever. (Massimo Mainini)

Donna was high energy and I felt had a vocal range way beyond disco. She was a powerhouse performer and created an explosive energy on dance floors around the world for a decade. I am so happy to have had the Donna Summer experience doing clothes and costumes for her through this period. We love you Donna! (Norma Kamali)

I was born when THIS TIME I KNOW IS FOR REAL was one of the hottest songs on the charts all around the world, in spring 1989. Today I still feel very connected to that song, it makes me happy everytime I listen to it. Donna was a rare example of what DIVA means: not demanding, but giving, not full of herself, but humble and down-to-the heart, not shameless and stripping all the time, but full of dignity and class, even in the most difficult moments. She was an artist from "another place and time". A woman, a wife and a mother first, then an extremely gifted performer-songwriter-painter and actress. She has always kept it real: she was not "Hollywood", she was one of us. Her legacy will go on forever. (Marco Merici)

I will never forget her wonderful personality! (Sian Barry, daughter of John Barry)

As a teenage gay boy growing up in the 1970's Donna Summer represented nothing but joy for me. My escape, my own musical space and journey, and my dreams of traveling and opening my mind. Donna's music, produced so finely by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, was the soundtrack to a whole generation which managed to ring out over the airwaves and right into the bedrooms of kids, adults and across the dancefloors of the world. I met her and her family many times, she was a sweetheart who will be so profoundly missed by so very many people. (Grant Burnside)

I got very emotional when Donna Summer died, because I loved her records when I was young. Those songs are powerful anthems. They affected many different walks of life. They brought couples together on the dance floor; the gay movement used them as the backbeat to get out of their doldrums. She did wonders for black music, period. She shall be missed. Rebellion doesn’t always have to come with a fist. (John Lydon - Sex Pistols)

RIP Ms. Summer, may your spirit soar as far as the heights your music took us. (Lloyd Wolf)

I always thought Donna's talents were out of this world. Now I think they were a gift to the world. Donna Summer, her voice, her songs and the joy they brought, were an extra-special gift to the world. (Sebastiano Lionti)

Donna felt to me like a comet in the universe that came around and burned brightly and was reliable every time. She had a string of amazing hit records. It wasn't just LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY: albums such as FOUR SEASONS OF LOVE were incredibly well orchestrated and well thought out. I hope history winds up seeing Donna in the proper light, because she was the real deal: a mega musician. That comet burned out way too early. (Nile Rodgers)

In these desultory days of auto-tune, when singer and pole dancer - two professions with formerly diametrically opposed skill-sets, are now, sadly, interchangeable - Donna Summer's protean abilities seem even more impressive by comparison. I worry for the future: who are the potential contemporary torch-bearers who will carry on the tradition of great singing that Donna so embodied? Technology has made actual vocal ability the exception to the rule. Only in what’s left of the music business can you be a singer without really being able to sing. Isn't that like being a bus driver without knowing how to drive? How cynical is our culture that we have let popular music become so completely democratic that no one objects when a stripper is called a recording artist? The fact that in addition to having that voice, Donna Summer wrote or co-wrote almost every one of her songs is a detail that should be considered when properly assessing her place in history. In the end, I think she’d like to be remembered simply as a great musician whose effortless, soaring voice brought joy to people all over the world for almost forty years. In order to do that you can’t just define a trend: you must transcend it and create something that endures. Donna Summer’s music will endure. That is her legacy and it is everyone’s to celebrate. (David Munk)

ONCE UPON A TIME (my all-time favourite Donna album), in 1985, I discovered Donna when I was aged 16 when I heard I FEEL LOVE in its entirety (ON THE RADIO) for the first time. When it finished, I knew I had to have this record and that's when I purchased my first Donna album, I REMEMBER YESTERDAY on cassette!!! A lot has happened since then... I have all of her official album releases on CD, videos, DVDs and best of all we now have her super rare pre fame recordings on official CD. I was lucky enough to meet Donna and Bruce, and the equally wonderful Susan Munao, in London in 2004. I was so scared when I shook her hand!!! She gave me a big smile but I still felt scared!!! I was numb when I heard the news that Donna had left us but I tried to follow the lead of her family and celebrate her life and music. When all of her 70s albums were released as limited edition SHM mini-LP effect CDs in Japan I knew I couldn't justify paying £250.00 (which inclued the promo box and postage). Didn't stop me looking at them on Ebay though!!! And you know what... a few months later I was able to buy the box set from Japan!!! It was as if Donna herself WANTED me to have those reissuses!!! Dear Donna, I hope you are at peace now with your Mother and Father and sister Amy. God Bless and thank you for making music that always lifted my spirits!!! (Dave Mcgrath)

First of all I'd like to say... I've always loved you. You were my Donna, who could sing all the shades of love like you? Nobody. Oh sophisticated lady! You and your music have always been with me. You went away, I was embittered. I wish you had recorded at leat one jazz album. That would've been your masterpiece. I will always be your "man on fire", and you my unforgettable Donna. (Alfredo Vaccaro)

Donna Summer was born to sing, to exhort us to a deeper place of faith and surrender. In the letting go - of rage or torque, pain or want - we could be born again. We could find that higher meaning, the passionate arrival. (Holly Gleason)

I will forever love Donna Summer... She was my absolute favorite singer. That voice of hers was amazing; whenever I saw her in concert singing MACARTHUR PARK, it would bring tears to my eyes, and goose bumps to my body. We won't see the likes of her, and her angelic voice anytime soon. I love you Donna, and miss you terribly. You will forever be in my heart. (Michael Spraker)

Since I was in High School 1979-80's you my Queen of Disco inspired me to LOVE and DANCE the nights and days away. Now 50 I'll carry your legacy 'till we meet in Heaven. (Carlos R. Santos)

Today is May 17th, 2014. Two years, the music industry lost a legend. That year, 2012, saw many losses in fact. But for me personally, Donna Summer WAS and IS the soundtrack to my life. Her beautiful voice, the words she wrote, they made me smile, cry, think, love. Besides my own mother, no one had that kind of influence on me, ever. And while I still feel a sense of loss two years on, I am proud of the 38 years I've been one of her biggest fans. I can't wait to get to Heaven and give my mom a hug and a kiss and then go request I BELIEVE IN JESUS from my idol, the incomporable, Queen of disco, the late great Donna Summer. May she Rest in Peace in the Lord's house forever. I truly loved you Donna. (Derrek Meyers)

Donna had a voice from above, she was always connected with the sky (God), have you noticed how many shots of her are in a looking up style. I'll miss her today more than any other days of the year and I will celebrate her tonight listening to her music. Thank you Miss Donna for the wonderful journey. (José Luis Casas)

Missing you very much, god bless, you were my life savior and without your songs I never would have survived my dark abusive childhood, I would enter mall dance contests and your songs would be my dance routine music, because I was too young to get into dance clubs, when someone asks me who is my favorite singer of all time DONNA is the top choice, when I hear your songs I stop in my tracks and sing and dance and I don't care who is watching, I was a gay young man and you saved my life and made me hold on to my dreams, now I dance every saturday night in north hollywood at disco night and it's packed and when your songs come up there isn't a crack left on the dancefloor, thank you and I am definitely your biggest fan, god bless you and sing with the angels, I will see you someday and dance for you. (Leslie Berner)

Thank you Donna, simply we loved you. (Marco Mariani)

Voice of my life. Once in a century talent that struck me off my feet at age 12 in the seventies. Looking back now with all modern digital means like YouTube and such, my admiration grows and grows. Thanks Donna Summer for your inspiration, honesty, integrity. The way you used your talents is unforgettable. Your voice: heaven sent. Thanks for being there in my lifetime. (Niels Zeelenberg)

Words cannot express how much Donna's voice and music meant and mean to me - in so many deep and spiritual ways. From the first time I heard her on my first radio, 12 years old in 1978. How much more "magic" and "love" could one lady share... It's magic, purely magic... Thanks Donna, I LOVE YOU FOREVER. Humble and always in The Spirit. (Niels Zeelenberg)

Donna it's still so hard to believe you are no longer with us. You have given me so many great memories through your amazing voice. Miss you xxx. (Alan Leech)

Donna, you left us way too early, your music lives on in millions of people around the world and brings me so many great memories, wherever you may be the music you created will go on and on. I Feel Love. (Greg McSweeney)

A beautiful talented woman who left us much too early! May she RIP. (Leonardo Comberiate)

Donna Summer what can I say? She was one of the most recognizable vocalists of all time, yet the most underrated at the same time. She was a Pop Icon with Disco origins who is limited to Disco because she was too unconventional for the music industry. After Disco died how come Donna Summer didn't die with it? Because she defied it! She was a singer-songwriter and painter. She hasn't been recognized for her writing ability nor her vocal chameleon ability. She was an African American woman who paved the way for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, yet her influence is prevalent but silenced. She is the true global icon who was a humble gift that I miss daily. I'll never meet my role model. But I will never forget the sacrifices she made. A woman with faith and talent. (Kara)

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